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Spring leagues are open for registration! If you’re not already a member of the website, join now for free to get email updates on new leagues and special events! Questions? E-mail us at support@cvillesocial.com!

Spring leagues are open for registration!

​Register for Spring leagues now! Registration deadline is March 29th! Captains play free - make your team today!

Kickball - Sundays, Thursdays

Flag Football - Sundays

Flipcup - Thursdays

Indoor Soccer - Sundays

Wallyball - Tuesdays

Floor Hockey - Tuesdays

Dodgeball - Sundays

Winter registration is open!

Winter signups has been extended until January 4th! Captains play free - spread the word and get signed up today!

Photos from Week 4

Photos from Week 4 Flag Football and JV kickball are posted. Check the link on your team page, or the league schedule page!

Looks like hiring photographers has been a good move so far with how widely liked the photos are on Facebook. Rookie kickball should be coming soon once we get the pics from our photographers!

Developer Notes

Here we'll be listing the improvements to the website as we make them.

10/3/14 - Oooh, shiny. If you see a little camera icon next to your game in the ticker, you can click it to see photos from your game! We're going to try to have all games photographed, and will be integrating this into other parts of the website as well.

9/12/14 - Scoreboard ticker at top of site. We're going to get our refs for football/kickball at least to update these as games go on, so scores should be semi-live!

9/3/14 - Moved the Team box on the homepage to be more visible. Likely a full 'Dashboard' type of page coming soon.

8/25/14 - Team shirt colors can be picked by captain from the team page. Only colors eligible based on your team's shirt type selections are visible (anything but short sleeve shirts have a reduced color palette available).

8/20/14 - Free agents can now be added by captains by visiting the appropriate Free Agent team page in their division.

8/11/14 - Team walls active.

8/10/14 - User profiles cleaned up a little, more work coming. Clicking on your name in the header will take you to your user profile edit screen.

8/7/14 - Responsive photo galleries implemented. Should work on your phones/mobile devices without issue. More photos to come!