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05/26 7:00pm
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05/26 7:30pm
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05/26 8:00pm
05/26 8:00pm
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05/28 7:00pm
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05/28 9:00pm

Summer leagues are open for registration! If you’re not already a member of the website, join now for free to get email updates on new leagues and special events! Questions? E-mail us at support@cvillesocial.com, or live chat with us!

Summer kickball and flipcup are open for registration!

Summer kickball and flipcup are now open for registration! We’re working on finalizing a couple of other sports as well and should have information soon.

Spring leagues are open for registration!

​Register for Spring leagues now! Registration deadline is March 29th! Captains play free - make your team today!

Kickball - Sundays, Thursdays

Flag Football - Sundays

Flipcup - Thursdays

Indoor Soccer - Sundays

Wallyball - Tuesdays

Floor Hockey - Tuesdays

Dodgeball - Sundays

Winter registration is open!

Winter signups has been extended until January 4th! Captains play free - spread the word and get signed up today!